Our Vision: To emerge as one stop facilitation service for all medical tourism-related needs on a global scale with cost effective.

Welcome to Global Healthcare Medical Tourism

Global healthcare medical tourism since 2010, running by the global healthcare charitable trust, the medical tourism promoted by a group of Medical Professionals with over three decades of experience and distinguished medical practice, Global Healthcare Tourism has been providing high quality and cost-effective healthcare solutions on par with international standards in India for well over a decade.

Over the years, we have established an excellent network of highly qualified doctors and surgeons and excellent rapport with many of India’s leading hospitals through our qualitative and distinguished medical practices.

We are highly committed to patient’s satisfaction and understanding the needs of the patients’ requirements comes naturally to us. Be it a selection of the hospital in our network, choice of doctors, treatment procedures, travel plans and co-ordination with other service providers both during the treatment and after the treatment, we accordingly offer the best possible service. We nurture personalized services and smooth operations with our customers to ensure long-term relationship with them. We offer specialized treatments for various ailments with the best of medical facilities. Our cost effective and affordable personal health care recuperative packages are one of the best in the industry.

Our team consists of accomplished and distinguished medical professionals with a vast experience in variety of disciplines. Our fully dedicated operational staffs offer a unique and wholesome package of services. Our network of competent medical professionals is capable of handling complicated surgeries and providing treatment for ailments with aplomb. We are a professionally managed organization believing in delivering the best always and ensure that the same attitude runs down from the top management to the lowest level employees in the organization.


To emerge as one stop facilitation service for all medical tourism-related needs on a global scale.